Spiritual Life Coaching, Empathic Guidance & Intuitive Readings

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There are many types of psychic readings and services that Charlotte Grant offers to help guide you on your life's path. These services can be provided by phone, online and in-person at Charlotte's private office located in the South West Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

Session prices may vary depending on any special promotions, discounts or limited time offers that may occur throughout the year. Please contact Charlotte Grant directly for up-to-date rates and fees on her readings and coaching sessions.

Important Note: Charlotte Grant is currently on sabbatical and is NOT TAKING ON ANY NEW CLIENTS at this time until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Intuitive Readings

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Session Length for Live Readings Vary Between 20-45 min.


Price: $65

Reads your personal and spiritual character, strengths, weaknesses & abilities. Learn about the lines on your palms and what they may represent for your life and happiness. In person sessions only.

Tarot & Oracle Cards

Price: $75

Ask any questions regarding love, marriage, career, finances, travel, family, dreams, goals and much more. The tarot or oracle card reading can help guide you in all areas of your life.

Twin Flame & Soulmate Reading

Price: $80

Want to know if someone is your real twin flame or soulmate? Have you already discovered your twin flame, but don't understand why they keep "running"? What's holding you back from finding your true soul connection? This reading will help guide you through twin flame & soulmate reunions, discovery and answer any questions regarding twin flame and soulmate relationships.

Energy Reading

Price: $85

In this session, you will work one-on-one to explore areas of your life that seem challenging or difficult in order to open up space in your life for positive change. Perfect for all that crave clarity and perspective. Gives you a detailed analysis on your chakra/aura colors & positive and negative energies.

Crystal Ball Reading

Price: $100

This reading provides spiritual counseling and answers all questions based on past, present and future. It also tunes in on past lives, spiritual self, love and relationships, career & finances, health, happiness, etc.

Spiritual Life Coaching

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Session Length for Life Coaching Vary Between 30-60 min.

Holistic Life Coaching

Price: $125

Holistic Life coaching taps into your spirituality and moves you into the magical realms of manifestation, designing your life, and forwarding action to realize your dreams. It helps recognize your own abilities and find the right path to take as well as to overcome any challenges along the way. It is for those who know they need a change, either physically, mentally or spiritually and are ready to take action NOW.

Holistic Life Coaching is for Those Who Have Decided:

Law of Attraction Coaching

Price: $150

Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? Have you wondered why it doesn't seem to work for you? The truth is that the manifestation of your dreams is closer to you than you think, and it's easier, too! All you need is focus, imagination, visualization and lots of powerful, meditative energy. Personal coaching and guidance can help you gain the tools and insights that you need to start mastering your life today!

Law of Attraction Coaching is for You if You're Determined to:

New Client Special Offer!

Mini Life Coaching Session

Price: $75

Want to try out life coaching, but not ready to commit to a full session or program? Get a mini coaching session to get a sample of the process! This mini coaching session is just as extensive and in-depth as the regular sessions, but with half the time and cost. This is a great way to see if spiritual life coaching is right for you.